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I’m going to skip the complicated and confusing lawyer jargon and just keep it simple…

My main objective is to do my part to improve the human condition. I am an artist at heart, and we often find it difficult to find the balance between art and commerce, doing what you’re passionate about, and making a living.

Knowledge and wisdom is not owned, and I feel everybody should have access to a lot of the information shared on this site for free, which is why I openly share the chapters to my visitors.

I accept donations from those who see value in this work because it helps progress this project to higher levels, as well as provide resources to make a greater impact on society. Although not a brick and mortar establishment, there are overhead costs associated with running a website as well as the time and financial cost of creating quality content.

In addition I provide products and services for those who would like to invest in the progress of this website. T-Shirts available Here

Thank you for your support


John Azu